About Me

Hi my name is Mel and I originally trained in Hatha Vinyasa, Meditation and Self Awakening Yoga Therapeutics at Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica where I began teaching in Hotels, Retreat Centers and Spas on the Caribbean Coast. I then returned to England and set up YogaVida which now alongside my partner Pete has grown to offer Group Classes, Private Sessions, Monthly Events, Beginners Courses as well as Children's & Family Yoga.

Full list of Yoga offerings:
Hatha Vinyasa, Gentle Therapeutic Yoga, Self Awakening Yoga Therapeutics, Womb Yoga, Children's Yoga, Family Yoga, Yoga Therapy for those with Chronic Illnesses and Yoga Therapy for those with Autism.

My love for Yoga came from a desire for a Spiritual as well as Physical practice coming from a background of institutionalised dance training but missing a deeper connection to life. I found a strong connection to the Shamanic roots of Yoga in understanding ourselves as deeply connected to nature and a practice to explore the relationship between the energetic, mental and physical human body and guide me towards living to my full potential. My practice and teachings developed to be an offering with great reverence and gratitude to the force of unconditional love that is know as Source/God/Goddess/Mother Nature and many other names.

The biggest benefit I find from my practice is; more understanding of my mind and thoughts and the connection this has to my physical state, how bringing my awareness home to my body and breath, releasing tension through the Yogic tools by opening the body up can have such a positive impact on my daily experiences. My intention is to welcome everyone to practice yoga and share these benefits. I'm  fascinated with the many styles of yoga, increasing my range of services through regular training and study so I can make it as accessible as possible.

Thank You for visiting, Namaste x
(The light in me bows to the light in you)

Other Qualifications:

  • Philosophy of Healing, CPD Yoga Campus

  • Creativity, Sexuality and the Cycles of our Lives, CPD Yoga Campus

  • Yoga for Menstrual Health and Fertility CPD, Yoga Campus

  • Elevating Children’s Imagination, Creativity and Self Expression through Yoga, Enchanted Wonders

  • Youth Yoga CPD, Live Love Yoga

  • Family Yoga CPD, Children's Yoga Tree

  • Behavior & Yoga Discipline, Children's Yoga Tree

  • Anatomy and Development of the Child, Children's Yoga Tree

  • Yoga Philosophy CPD, Children's Yoga Tree

  • Kidding Around Yoga Instructor Qualification

  • Accessible Kidding Around Yoga Instructor Qualification

  • Special Yoga and Mindfulness for Autism and ADHD, Special Yoga

  • Yotism Foundation Qualification, Yotism