About Me

I became fascinated with Yoga due to it's holistic approach to wellbeing. Having always been very physical and training in contemporary and commercial dance in my teenage years, I needed a practice that wasn't competitive and covered all bases - mind, body, spirit.

I am qualified in Yoga Alliance Registered Hatha Flow, Pranayama, Meditation & Self Awakening Yoga Therapeutics from The Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica, where I spent my first 6 months teaching in Yoga retreat centers, spas, private venues & hotels. I now teach every age from toddlers to the elderly in yoga studios, retreat centers, hired halls and home visits. I am always passionately expanding my knowledge and skills in teaching so I can share yoga to meet everyone's needs. I am fascinated in the energetic body and have studied Reiki Level 1 and Womb Yoga.

Womb Yoga is a most wonderful, nurturing and gentle practice of Yoga Asana (poses) Meditation, Mudra (hand gestures) and Mantra (affirmations) which cultivate connection to feminine energy and self love to encourage healing in the whole abdominal and pelvic area and heart space- our centre of being. Self Awakening Yoga is a non weight bearing, therapeutic style of meditative movement which can deeply connect you to the breath and gently release held physical and emotional tension in the body's connective tissues. *These styles are offered in Private Sessions not public classes*.

    With a keen focus on alignment and physiology my classes are Hatha Flow style and guide the students through self adjustments and hands on assists from me making sure they understand the range of variations in a pose, ensuring they are exploring their potential in the poses in a very safe and aware way whilst increasing their flexibility and strength.

    I appreciate the connection and non judgmental awareness with yourself that you can find from Yoga and meditation, as well as the presence, compassion and acceptance of ourselves and connection to the Universe! I hope to teach in a way that inspires the same in my classes. I place a strong focus on connecting the breath to the movement and becoming aware of how you really feel right now, avoiding mechanical, habitual movement and encouraging commitment to conscious movement that makes you feel great!

    Other Qualifications:

    • Philosophy of Healing CPD Yoga Campus
    • Creativity, Sexuality and the Cycles of our Lives CPD Yoga Campus
    • Elevating Children’s Imagination, Creativity and Self Expression through Yoga with Enchanted Wonders
    • Youth Yoga CPD with Live Love Yoga
    • Family Yoga CPD with Children's Yoga Tree
    • Behavior & Yoga Discipline with Children's Yoga Tree
    • Anatomy and Development of the Child with Children's Yoga Tree
    • Yoga Philosophy  CPD with Children's Yoga Tree
    • Kidding Around Yoga Instructor Qualification