Yoga Therapy for Children with Autism & ADHD

A Safe Space

Personalised one to one sessions focused on:

  • Soothing the nervous system

  • Organising the vestibular, proprioceptive, sensory processing and kinaesthetic systems

  • Developing inter-hemispheric communication of the brain

  • Releasing held emotional and physical tension by stretching and mobilising the muscles and joints

  • Improving digestion and immune function

  • Cultivating good posture and connection to the breath

  • Therapeutic touch and deep pressure (if desired!)

Yoga therapy provides self regulating tools to empower and support the child in managing anxiety and stress and cultivate a state of safety and peace in their own body and mind.

In a calm and supportive environment with the child at the centre of the session, the yoga therapy session is a place free from expectations, it is a safe and compassionate space for the child to be as they are in the moment so I may be guided to what tools they will benefit from.

Relevant Studies

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“My son has ASD/PDA and loves his yoga sessions, relaxing is something he finds really hard to do and the poses and stretches help give him a focus for this. Even when he finds it hard to engage Mel perseveres with him and he often repeats or talks about things it seemed he wasn’t listening to so if def goes in ! Mel is amazing with him always full of new innovative ideas to try and help him get maximum benefit from his sessions. She is well prepared yet ready to abandon plans and be guided by my son in the moment if more appropriate. Thoroughly recommend Mel, such a lovely caring and patient lady.”