Yoga is your 'Me Time'. Your time on the mat to breathe, connect to your body and most importantly... to feel good!
New to Yoga?...Different variations of poses are always offered to make all our classes accessible to all levels
of experience and abilities! Come to your mat to find peace in the present moment.
Classes are taught by Mel and Pete.
See bottom of page for Pete’s bio.


All equipment is provided
Drop in: £10
Membership options

  • 4 class pass £35

  • 1 month Unlimited, which includes all the classes- £55

Upstairs at COULSDON Community Centre, Barrie Close

Monday 8:00-9:00pm
Hatha Vinyasa, Mel
Guided relaxation and breathing exercises followed by flowing sequences of rejuvenating twists, held stretches & balance poses, clearing out physical and mental stagnancy to increase vitality and develop flexibility and strength. Sealed with a deeply relaxing Savasana to integrate the practice on every layer of your being. An hour of nourishment for body, mind and spirit.

Wednesday 7:00-8:00pm Gentle Therapeutic Yoga, Mel
This class includes Self Awakening Yoga Therapeutics & Gentle Hatha Yoga and is for those wishing for a very grounding, calming and gentle practice, spending more time in the poses for a restorative effect rather than the other energetic, flowing Hatha Vinyasa classes. Great if you're new to yoga, not so interested in more dynamic standing styles of yoga or rehabilitating an injury.

Wednesday 8:10-9:10pm Hatha Vinyasa, Pete

Thursday 7:00-8:00pm Hatha Vinyasa, Mel
8:10-9:00pm Meditation & Yoga Nidra, Mel

Saturday 8:00-9:30am Hatha Vinyasa, Pete

Hatha Vinyasa
Ha- Sun
tha- Moon

In Hatha Yoga different energies in the body are ignited, strengthened and balanced. Within each male and female are masculine and feminine energies. The Sun part of Hatha Yoga is masculine and we experience this energy through heat building linear asana (poses) and sequences, the Moon is feminine which is expressed through cooling, fluid sequences and restorative asana. Feminine energy creates and masculine energy puts forth that creation into action. Nurturing these inner energies supports a more wholesome experience and involvement with life.

Hatha Yoga is the yoga of Asana (poses) and Pranayama (breathing techniques) to bring balance and prepare the practitioner for meditation. All the Asana open up the energy channels for Prana (life force) to flow freely and warm and lengthen the muscles. The Pranayama stretches and strengthens the respiratory muscles so a relaxed state of breathing can be found and full awareness turned inwards. Through the Asana and Pranayama the body and mind reaches a state of equilibrium. Focus of mind and supplety of body then supports seated meditation.

Vinyasa- To place in a special way

Vinyasa refers to the flowing quality of the practice, particularly the standing section. Each movement is connected to a breath and the inhale and exhale is used to keep the movement continuous. The inhale is used when rising up or lifting a body part, the exhale is used to lower and release towards the ground. Vinyasa is most emphasised during Sun Salutations but an awareness of when you’re inhaling and exhaling is encouraged throughout the class. As the practitioner develops she/he will find using the breath in this way makes the practice a lot easier, the breath supports the movement and keeps the mind totally absorbed in the body.



Hi my name is Peter and I got into Yoga properly almost 3 years ago following consecutive shoulder dislocations and eventual taking surgery. I began firstly with physiotherapy after 6 weeks of immobilization. I had to regain my range of motion and work on rebuilding my strength. I started practicing Yoga with Felix Price in West Norwood, South London at his Dads community centre The Portico Gallery. I got hooked straight away as Felix helped push me beyond my own self-limiting beliefs. After 4 months of consistent training I witnessed a real transformation, strengthening my mind as well as my body. The birth of his Daughter brought a spontaneous opportunity for me to lead the class and this is how I began to teach/share what I have learnt.

I love to teach and help people achieve things that they once believed they where not capable of. What I love the most about Yoga is the strength, clarity and calmness of mind that can be achieved through training the body. I also feel that I am constantly becoming the best version of myself. I recently completed a 200hr Yoga Teacher training course at AYM (Association of Yoga and Meditation School) in Rishikesh India training in Ashtanga, Hatha and Hatha Vinyasa which was an amazing experience. Learning about the depths of Yogic philosophy was the highlight of my training. My physical practice deepened too with the early starts, daily practice, and eating light and clean.

My favorite term in Yoga / Sanksrit is Isvara Pranidhana. (Surrendering to a higher power) Isvara translates as ‘supreme being’, ‘God’ ‘Ultimate Reality’ or ‘True Self’, Pranidhana translates as fixing upon. Many translations of this advise us to surrender and trust in this higher self, which means cultivating a deep trusting relationship with the Universe.
Looking forward to meeting you,
Om Peace