Beginners Yoga Course


May/June dates TBC
Tuesday 7:00-8:00pm

Coulsdon Community Centre, Barrie Close, CR5 3BX

6 week Adults Beginners Yoga Course, covering the foundations and taking things a bit slower than the weekly Hatha Vinyasa classes, progressing to an energising flow practice (Hatha Vinyasa). Start from the roots in a gentle and supportive environment, receive personal feedback and assists and experience the immense benefits of Yoga on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of yourself! Find better posture, improved sleep and reduced back pain, heightened energy, strength and flexibility and a calmer state of mind. Enjoy the community of a weekly class and start a habit that really nourishes your wellbeing!

Throughout the 6 weeks we will cover:

Asana (poses)
Pranayama (Breathing exercises)
The Yogic Philosophy


Meet the teachers...


Hi my name is Peter and I got into Yoga properly almost 3 years ago following consecutive shoulder dislocations and eventual taking surgery. I began firstly with physiotherapy after 6 weeks of immobilization. I had to regain my range of motion and work on rebuilding my strength. I started practicing Yoga with Felix Price in West Norwood, South London at his Dads community centre The Portico Gallery. I got hooked straight away as Felix helped push me beyond my own self-limiting beliefs. After 4 months of consistent training I witnessed a real transformation, strengthening my mind as well as my body. The birth of his Daughter brought a spontaneous opportunity for me to lead the class and this is how I began to teach/share what I have learnt.

I love to teach and help people achieve things that they once believed they where not capable of. What I love the most about Yoga is the strength, clarity and calmness of mind that can be achieved through training the body. I also feel that I am constantly becoming the best version of myself. I recently completed a 200hr Yoga Teacher training course at AYM (Association of Yoga and Meditation School) in Rishikesh India training in Ashtanga, Hatha and Hatha Vinyasa which was an amazing experience. Learning about the depths of Yogic philosophy was the highlight of my training. My physical practice deepened too with the early starts, daily practice, and eating light and clean.

On the Beginners Course I will be teaching Hatha Vinyasa that uses the body and breath in union as a focal point for meditation. I know that some postures and movements can be challenging, but know you will be supported as I know how it can be to start.

My favorite term in Yoga / Sanksrit is Isvara Pranidhana. (Surrendering to a higher power) Isvara translates as ‘supreme being’, ‘God’ ‘Ultimate Reality’ or ‘True Self’, Pranidhana translates as fixing upon. Many translations of this advise us to surrender and trust in this higher self, which means cultivating a deep trusting relationship with the Universe.
Looking forward to meeting you,
Om Peace.


Hi my name is Mel and I trained in Hatha Vinyasa, Meditation and Self Awakening Yoga Therapeutics at Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica where I began teaching in Hotels, Retreat Centers and Spas on the Caribbean Coast. I then returned to England and set up YogaVida which has grown to offer Childrens & Family Yoga, Private Sessions, Monthly Events, Weekly Classes and Beginners Courses.

My love for Yoga came from a desire for a Spiritual as well as Physical practice coming from a background of dance training but missing a deeper experience of life. I found a strong connection to the Shamanic roots of Yoga and the focus on the relationship between the energetic, mental and physical human body. I also was drawn to living in harmony with nature and serving with great reverence and gratitude for the force of unconditional love that is know as Source/God/Mother Nature and many other names.

The biggest benefit I find from my practice is; more understanding of my mind and thoughts and the connection this has to my physical state, how bringing my awareness home to my body and breath, releasing tension through the poses by opening the body up can have such a positive impact on my daily experiences. On the Beginners Course I aim to share these benefits through teaching Self Awakening Yoga Therapeutics and Hatha Vinyasa.

My favorite Sanskrit word is Ahimsa which means Non-Violence and is to be taken in the sense of all possibilities; with actions, with words, with thoughts and with intentions. For me this encourages a much kinder and loving relationship with myself and subsequently of course with others, it opened me up to all the years of self criticism and self judgment I’d been putting myself under and provided me with tools to rewrite the habit pattern of my mind.

I love all warrior poses as they are a symbol of the peaceful warrior Yogi; open hearted, strong and determined, living with awareness of herself and taking responsibility for her feelings and actions, striving to live her most authentic life.
I’m excited to meet you all soon!
Namaste X