The chakras: The Upper Chakras / Part 2

Saturday 16th November
7:00-9:30pm with Mel
Coulsdon Community Centre, upstairs

The chakras are energetic centres connected to the endocrine system and nerve plexus. As reservoirs of energy with different states of consciousness, the condition and balance of the Chakras intimately effect our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experiences.

This workshop is open to complete beginners as well as those more familiar with the energetic system. It will be an opportunity to begin or deepen your connection to your energy body as it is at this present time in your life. The Upper Chakras/Part 2 will be an exploration of the latter 4 main chakras- the Heart, the Throat, the Third Eye and the Crown through…

-Chakra journeying in Yoga Nidra (guided deep relaxation)

-Guided visualisation, Meditation and self inquiry of the 3 chakras

-Mantra / Chanting of the Bijj mantras and relevant auspicious mantras to evoke energy and inspiration

-Yoga Asana (Poses) and movement to connect to and stimulate each of the 3 Chakra

-Savasana with mini head and neck massage with Essential Oils

Closing the evening with the warmth of Chai tea!

£25+£1 booking fee

Spaces are limited so book soon to avoid disappointment!

Part 2

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