Outdoor Yoga

Sunday 26th May, 9th June, 30th June

An energizing open level outdoor yoga class at Rickman Hill, soaking up all the good vibrations from nature as we salute the sun and enjoy the birdsong in Savasana!

No need to book, mats are provided but please bring your own if you have one. Attendance by donation, pay what you wish.

family yoga.png

Family yoga workshop

Sunday 19th may

You are invited for a morning of Family Yoga fun, connection, creativity & relaxation! Together in a joyful and non competitive space we will explore;

Animal and nature poses
Yoga games & Partner Yoga
Mindfulness activities
Guided relaxation
Craft Activity

For ages 4 years +
Mats are provided.
A short break with light refreshments will be provided in between the yoga & craft activity.
No experience of Yoga is necessary and everyone is welcome!

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Shakti Yoga Ceremonies

A series of ceremonies to honour and ignite our Shakti power and innate connection as women to the earths cycles.

When we as women connect with our innate divine feminine power we can embody a birthing force of authentic expression to live our fullest lives, and mother nature shows us how. By honouring the earths cycles and seasons, which our energetic, physical and spiritual bodies are so intimately entangled with, we are supported in processes of letting go, release, growth and manifestation. Each ceremony will work with the current energies and lessons of mother nature alongside the Yogic tools. Within the stillness of Meditation and the deep rest of Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) our innermost longings and blockages are revealed, stagnant energy and tension is
released through Movement beyond Asana in line with our Shakti energy, whilst focus and energy in the throat, the seat of expression, is found in Mantra.

Summer Solstice
Saturday 22nd June


Core intensive workshop

Tuesday 11th June

Our most core galore workshop yet!

The strength of our core and ability to engage and activate the core muscles at the appropriate times greatly supports ones Yoga practice, providing stability, balance, control and ease in the poses as well as hugely aiding the sense of flow. The core includes the abdominal muscles- the obliques, transversus and rectus abdominus, the pelvic floor and the back muscles. This workshop will include Conditioning Exercises, fun Partner Work, Breath Work and a Power Vinyasa to connect to, ignite and strengthen your core.


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