Kids Yoga Classes


"Over a decade ago, the University of California found that children who experienced yoga instruction on a regular basis had greater self-esteem, overall fitness, and academic performance. There was even a decrease in discipline problems. These students also said they felt more relaxed and were more respectful of their peers. Who doesn’t want to help our children love themselves, respect others and appreciate this life they have been given more deeply?"
-Whitney Simpson, Elephant Journal

Kids YogaVida classes run in schools, at children’s parties and as a public class at Coulsdon Community Centre. They are filled with games and imaginative stories for a fun and creative exploration of mindfulness and wellbeing! The wonders of animals and nature are explored to learn classic yoga poses and develop strength, flexibility, coordination and balance, as well as meditation, guided relaxation and breath work for supporting calm, happiness, self awareness and self regulation. Positive affirmations are learnt for confidence and self esteem. Respect and kindness to ourselves, others and the wider community is nurtured. For the older years emphasis is placed on emotional awareness and stress/anxiety relief which supports students preparing for and during exams and in time, life’s challenges.



"My son absolutely loves this class. He has been practising the moves and relaxation techniques at home. The class is full of fun. My son particularly loves picking up the pom poms with his toes! Thank you so much Mel."

"Fantastic class for kids.. very entertaining and the kids really enjoy the songs and learning yoga in a fun way! Even if you're not into yoga it is still an enjoyable time . Highly recommended"

"A safe haven for the mind and body to relax , switch off and be a child for one whole blissful hour . My children really love the class and the benefits continue well into the next week . Thank you for your calming expertise . See you tonight xx"

"I was really impressed by how you teach Toby, and children in general. It was the first time I'd sat and watched your children's yoga class. This is most definitely at talent you have, to interact and teach to, quite frankly, a tough crowd! I have tried and failed to interest him in yoga on many occasions, so in total admiration with how you kept his attention and flexibly responded to his off-piste demonstrations. He absolutely loves you. You're a wonderful teacher."



5 years +
Tuesday 5:00-6:00pm, term time only
Coulsdon Community Centre, Upstairs

First class FREE
May-July block: 04/05-17/07 £49
Siblings receive 25% off



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