Private Sessions

tailor made

Private sessions are personalised for you, to suit your needs at the time and support your developments along the way. Together we are able to go over in full detail the poses and breathing exercises. You are given my full attention and provided with personal feedback and adjustments.

A private session is perfect for those who:

-Are totally new to yoga
-Are commiting more time to their personal wellbeing
-Want to develop a personalised home practice as part of their wellness routine
-Have been practicing yoga for a while and want to work on particular poses or advance their practice
-Are a group arranging the session as part of a regular get together/celebration/holiday/special event

Private sessions are a perfect opportunity for working on bringing harmony to physical or mental concerns as well as being a therapeutic option for chronic illnesses and health issues.

Private Sessions are available for Children & Families, please click here to see testimonials and relevant studies.

Relevant Studies & Qualifications

  • Self Awakening Yoga Therapeutics, Nosara Yoga Institute
  • Philosophy of Healing, CPD Yoga Campus
  • Creativity, Sexuality and the Cycles of our Lives, CPD Yoga Campus
  • Womb Yoga, Uma Dinsmore Tuli

    Womb Yoga is a most wonderful, nurturing and gentle practice of Yoga Asana (poses) Meditation, Mudra (hand gestures) and Mantra (affirmations) which cultivate connection to feminine energy and self love to encourage healing in the whole abdominal and pelvic area and heart space- our centre of being. Self Awakening Yoga is a non weight bearing, therapeutic style of meditative movement to deeply connect you to your breath and gently release physical and emotional tension in the body's connective tissues.



"I have had this disease for the last 17 years and only since I met you and started your class I have been managing so much better with literally everything. I had two sick days from work since I started with you, that's an absolute record!"

"Mel is wonderful! She has a gorgeous calming nature about her which she purveys through her teaching whilst still being creative and offering you the chance to find your edge. I loved my lesson and am so pleased to have met you" 








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